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At JCM it is essential that all our carers and staff complete induction training before starting any care duties. We ensure our staff are always progressing and develop their skills.

All our Carers are trained to be an active and reliable team member. We train our staff to have a positive attitude and have a professional approach while working.

Our staff work in a multicultural society where they meet diverse needs. They understand the differences people have and respect and value those differences.

We offer a broad series of comprehensive training so that our staff and carers are confident.


We offer the following courses:

  • Induction training, Compliant with Care Certificate

  • Regular refresher training

  • Health and Safety

  • Medication

  • Nursing care Training for Health Care Assistant including Suctioning, PEG Feed, Tracheotomy.

  • Qualified trainers who are 'train the trainer' compliant

  • Career Development (e.g NVQ Health and Social Care Level 2, 3 & 5)

  • Training on IT system e.g ECM, Pass System etc.

  • Customer Service Training

  • and many more.



We are always on the look out for more training and development opportunities where we feel our carers can benefit from. 

For more information on training please call us on 0208 519 4089 or send us an email at

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